Original US Army Enhanced Tactical Load Bearing Vest


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Original US Army Enhanced Tactical Load Bearing Vest

This Tactical Load Bearing Vest is an original army issue, used but in an "as new” condition. This is enhanced and an upgrade over the standard vest. The tactical load bearing vest features the following; 

  • Two large shoulder pads with two buttoned epaulettes (loops) and quick release flaps. These begin from the upper back and reach the upper chest. 
  • Two large and one small slanted pouch on either side which secure with velcro and buttons with quick release flaps. 
  • Two adjustable buckles, one mid chest and one mid waist and lacing on both sides of back to give a better fit. 
  • Numerous buttoned flaps which could be used either for a belt or to carry additional pouches are spread out at the bottom of the vest. T
  • he tactical load bearing vest is 100% Nylon and one size fits all. It is available in woodland camouflage.

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